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One of the key success factors for a sustainable project and its commercialization lies in the availability of funds at each stage of its development.

There are more and more different financing instruments available such as grants, non-refundable funds, equity, bank loans, etc. and have advantages and disadvantages. In addition, entrepreneurs are able today in many cases to use crowdfunding platforms. Generally speaking, each company, depending on its stage, can find financial support adapted to its business model.

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Financing of SME or Start-up projects

Non-refundable funds and subsidies

The Climate Show collaborates with several organizations in Switzerland and at the EU level active in the search for funds such as non-refundable grants and subsidies for sustainable projects of entrepreneurs.


It is the most common solution to finance your business with large amounts that can go up to several millions. However, getting access to this kind of investments for a start-up or SME remains a complex task. Finding investors who are interested in your project is one of the major difficulties. This service was traditionally dedicated to Tech companies, but today is opening to other areas. Therefore, the Climate Show is partnering with several organizations to help small and medium-sized companies find funds adapted to their projects.

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Climate Show 2022

GENEVA PALEXPO – 20-21 April 2022

The International Climate Show will be held at
Geneva Palexpo from 20 to 21 of April 2022

A showcase of solutions, innovations and know-how of professionals and industry for the Climate

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