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Policy and Privacy of ClimateShowMarket.com

General Conditions for Policy and Privacy of www.climateshowmarket.com, Vevey, Switzerland

1. Application
The Climate show market is a free online listing directory of sustainable solutions and innovations in relation to climate protection, serving professionals, corporates, investors, and the public. CS Market is a marketplace that enables third-party (sellers) to display, list, create events, Open Days and sell their products or services on the website www.climateshowmarket.com. CS Market acts only as a host and facilitator of completed transactions and aims to create connexions. CS Market is neither the buyer nor the seller of the products or services of the third-party sellers.

2. Personal Data
In accordance with Swiss data protection law, the CS Market guarantees the protection of private data collected from the buyer during the purchasing transaction. The CS Market never trades or transmits any private buyer information to third parties unless we are obliged by law or we have to use them to protect our safety or rights. Private information collected from buyer credit cards are treated with high level of confidentiality during transactions and does not remain in our systems and servers after payment transactions are terminated.

3. User Rights

The user (seller) of the CS Market has the following rights:

1. The user can register and publish his own page information (profile) free of charge.
2. The user might manage, edit, change publish new information or delete and remove his published information any time.
3. The user is responsible to provide visitors to his page with accurate information. CS Market is not responsible in case of wrong published information.
4. The user can publish Open Days dates, events and post news any time. Only selected news will be published by CS Market on the home page.
5. The user might send to CS market (support@climateshow.ch) his press release for publication.

4.  CS Market Rights

The CS market has the following rights in relation to seller’s information published by his own initiative on the CS market directory:

1. All published data fall under the CS market General Conditions and Terms
2. All published data and seller profile of activity should be clearly and widely known to be in relation to green actions and sustainability, eco-friendly products or services and linked to the protection of the climate.
3. CS Market has the right to remove, delete or ask for change any information that do not respond to its own policy.
4. Only projects of organisations offering eco-friendly products or services can be published in the CS market directory.
5. Only companies, NGOS, individual projects, corporate projects, etc. linked to sustainability, carbon reduction, cleantech, etc. (see categories) can publish their information and can be listed in the CS market directory.
6. CS Market has the right any time without sending information to the seller, to remove his profile and personal information published and this without any justification.

Vevey, May 1st, 2020

Climate Show Market
C/O Climate Show
Case postale 381
CH-1800 Vevey

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